Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dev. Diary - Awaken

I always loved old shmup games, it all began by 1942 arcade, followed by Raptor on my 386 laptop i got in exchange for tape recorder when on secondary school, continued by Tyrian and since then? Yes, there was a lot of great shmups since then, but i always missed somethink. I love/hate two things on shoot em up games. I hate when you could be shoot down by one bullet.  And i love purchasing upgrades for my ship between the missions. And most of shmup games just dont fit in to my simple requirements. Tyrian was the last one i know and enjoyed.Sure there was ton of good games in the genere since then, but i just did not fell in love with them becouse of one of the reasons i stated above.
And here i come with announcement of AWAKEN an underwater bullet hell shmup or underwater maniac shooter if you want. And while about 10% of the game is allready finished i prepared little teaser for you. Sit back, enjoy and more updates about the game ll come soon.

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