Saturday, March 22, 2014

First step in to nowhere

First game in a decade i made and it was not badass action shooter, not old school rpg but childish game where u play bird trying to collect nectar. What!? Lets start over and let me explain how it all began.
I allready knew i want to make a game, but still i ve been looking for platform to build on. As i have some, but very little coding skills starting game from scratch was not possible, so i started looking how the game making software evolved since my last check about five years ago. And it certainly evolved as some of my favourite games like Hotline Miami are made in game game maker and made a tons of cash, so i was surprised it is viable way to go right now.

I was really surprised by the ammount of choices around and obvious selection would be Unity 3d, but..its a great tool no doubt about that, i read few tutorials, understood the code, but i have bad experience with teaming up and want to do this alone forever and if i would have to code, make graphics, make sounds, think about story......basicaly, do everything by myslef i would be overwhelmed, i would never finish anything, and i would be pissed off whole time since the start till finish.

And then i found Stencyl, something even simplier than well known game maker, but i liked the interface, exporting game as flash was great for me as i dont have big plans anyway, and it was easy enought to start right now with it.

After completing first tutorial i was thinking what game i would make and after many crazy ideas the woman i live with came with simple idea. "make a game about colibri collecting nectar, i would play that". I said, hmm, ok and tought it will be simple enought for first piece, ppl like birds, i like birds, lets do it.
After couple of weeks it was done, i kind of regret i rushed it in the end as i belevie it could be a nice game for kids if i would add story mode i was plannig, polish gameplay and add tutorial, but its a first game right?
You can try the game HERE if you dare, dont expect much as it was meant as game for kids. 
Let me know what do you think, i know its an half-finished crap, but still, let me know;-)

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