Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hello world!

Hello everyone! I think it would be polite to introduce my self before anything else. Im 30 yrs old dude from mid europe with passion for gaming whos been trying to make games since age of 10. I started my first projects on Atari 800XE when kids around me at elementary school started getting their first PCs and been chatting about how far they made it in wolfenstein 3d and as my parrents did not want to spoil me by purchasing me everythink i want, i knew i ll be stuck with my Atari probably forever and only chance was to earn money for my first PC by my self(well it took more than half decade in the end;-))whitch was impossible couse 1942 and Ninja Spirit arcade machines just on the way from school to home;-)Then the only solution to this situation was to make the games i would like to play by myself.

With one other school mate of mine we started working on various projects, never finishing any, but few of them made it to the "demo" stage. Reason for that was we always set our goals to high and when we had just the core of the game we always hit the 64kb memory limit of our Atari. Now, yeas ago it sound funny as now i know we could have done most of things much more memory effectively but it for nothing else it was great fun and first programing experience.
Six years later i finaly got my first PC, i had to sell inline skates and kimono, help there and there, beg for envelopes with money instead of usual birthday presents for 15yrs old boy and then finaly, with great financial support of my mum my dream has become reality, i spent about 1500usd(using current exchange rate)to get my first PC - Intel pentium 120 with 32mb of ram;-)

Couple of weeks after purchase i started learning programing in pascal, but when i allready had computer capable of running games i always wanted to play i lost my motivation to create somethink by my self. And with many temptations around me like first beers, first rum shots, desire to touch boobs for the first time and Dungeon Master 2 floppy disks on my desk...well, my programing "career" ended just there.Replaced by gaming, later gaming got replaced by electric guitar, and just couple of year ago guitar was replaced by warhammer models.

Now, more than half of my current lifetime later i decided to resume my passion for creating games and finaly make the game i always wanted to play.

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