Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Dev diary. - Demo at the gates

Hello everyone, its sunday evening again, and that means its time for an update on whats going on, what went bad, what went good, who what with whom, you know, the usual stuff.

Unfortunately this week i was quite busy both at work and in real life so not much was done on the Awaken, just an hour of work every day just when i woke up during first two cigaretes of the day. However i finaly managed to start working on background of first level. You can see the result on screens around, its not great, but everything better than abstract something i ve been using in previevous versions of the game. However there are several layers of smoke srolling in parallax and everything looks lovely when in motion. Background tiles took good couple of hours to make, but in the end it was worth the effort as i can add more variety later and reuse some of the objects for next levels.
Screen effects were added during this week as well, on the pictures around you can see blue haze combined with "line" effect. Im still not sure about the second mentioned, but i think it adds a bit of arcade machine atmosphere. However i ll probably implement option to turn it off.
More optimalization of the game was done as well. Used to compress all the huge background files so now the flash version of Awaken is again in play. Did some tweaking with explosion system and improved the performance even further so now the game almost always sits on its maximum 60FPS.

And here we are at the point of this post, the DEMO is comming, and hopefuly its comming soon! I dont want to make any promisses, but all "components" of the game, except dock&shop part, are past the prototype stage and the gameplay feels ready for publishing first bit. When the demo is comming then? Dont want to say obvious "when done", but i think it should be ready within two weeks. It would be possible to make it next weekend, but i still have many things to decide before i ll set them in to stone by releasing demo.
Like the soundtrack, there are many great artists on the internet who offer their work to use in other projects both for free, or for money and im in big dillema in here. Obviously there is free stuff around whitch is great, but there is even more stuff whitch is better but costs a lot of money to purchase so i have to decide how much i want to invest in to the game, and how much i can expect to get back from pregame add.
Next important thing that needs my attention before demo release is the sound. This part ll be delicate and i want to be sure every last click ll feel right as in my opinion the sound is even more important than graphics, and while Awaken does not exactly shine in that aspect i want at least sounds feelin right.
And that would be it for today! Again, thanks for reading and see you next week!

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