Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Dev diary. - spawn system, explosions, new alien craft

Hello everyone, im here with sunday update of whats done on Awaken. Not much to show visualy, but theres a lot of work done this weekend.

First and most important addition to the game is new enemy spawn system and new camera handling as previevous ones were made just for quick testing purposes and game evolved in to stage when i want to start preparations for demo release. Alien ships can now enter screen from all directions appearing smoothly from behind edge of screen, not just appearing on the side from nowhere. That allows me to make surprising and more dynamic entries then just "fall in from above". This upgrade was a must have one as was quite standart that enemies are flying on to the sceen from multiple directions 15 years ago allready.
Along with it i have to rework all enemy movement scripts, but in the end i was able to made them more simple and they can be easily modified unlike previevous ones.

Now the "eye candy" improvements, first i reworked explosions(again) and now its even more enjoyable to shoot down enemies than before and unlike previevous version they have almost zero impact on game preformance whitch is great and it ll alow me to let player slaughter even more aliens at once in the future.
One of new alien crafts is the probe, i confess its inspired by the matrix drones if anyone recognize and it can be seen on the screen with explosion. Tentacles animation gave me a hard time but in the end im really happy with the ressult and hope players ll appreciate them as well.Probe is weak, it comes to the screen, shoot few shoots aimed at player and "swims" away.
Second new alien ship is the interceptor(can be seen in the header), its twice as tough than the probe however it does not shoot in the direction of player, just front, and rear directions. To balance interceptor inability to aim at the player its firepower is admirable and can quickly ruin players submarine if he does not get out of its firing sector fast.

Thats all for today! Thanks for reading and see you latest next sunday with another dev. diary entry ;-)

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