Friday, April 4, 2014

Awaken - Meet the LX-76 boss

Hello shmup lovers! Today i would like to introduce you the boss of first level, the LX-76 submarine. Yes, as soon as he appears on the screen your ship sensors ll recognize ancient, more than two thousand years old ship design from earth, whitch belonged to first unsuccessful expedition to neptune. However ship does not want to be friends with us and has tentacles growing form inside. As LX is first boss of game i did not want to make him hard, but not too easy as well. The boss fight if done properly should take about two minutes with basic ship equipment. 

Boss have 3 types of attack. First is frontal attack with curved bullet pattern comming from its two hulls. Pretty easy to evade as boss stops moving when shooting. Second one is small aimed volley of bullets  just to annoy player bit more. Third and most dangerous attack is torpedo strike. Boss fires small torpedo from one of its wing every 15 seconds. It going really slow, but explodes in to ring of bullets whitch can eradicate player quickly if he remain careless. These theree attacks are repeating throught whole fight, however there is change when boss hitpoints are below 50%. The second, not too dangerous small aimed volley ll become much more annoying as it triples in size and become serious threat. 
Right now few testers were given the game to test difficulty of the fight and hopefuly i ll be able to release the demo next weekend. See you on sunday by regular dev diary update and have a nice friday!

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