Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Dev diary. - Demo released!

Hello again! After hard week which started by terrible toothache, followed by xbox purchase(had to to forget about that tooth somehow)and spiced by couple of sleepeless nights i managed to resume work on the demo on friday.  I keept cursing my self since then till now for promising demo within today but here is it, and now its up to you, players to judge if its fun to play.

Demo contains preview of first level of the game and your Orca is equiped with basic laser and couple of gun drones. Not much for now, but for there are tons of purchasable upgrades planned in full version of game, but if you are reading this diary regulary you allready knew that.
Game changed a lot in past few days, i ve concentrated mostly on gameplay, interface and a lot of little thing that are not noticable first but can make a huge difference on how the game feels.I must say game is completely different than week ago and i hope its walking in right direction. But why keep talking about the game while you can actualy click link below and try flash version of  it your self? Thanks for reading and hope you ll enjoy the game;-)

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