Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Dev diary. - The Descent

Hello everyone! After week off i took when finished second version of demo i feel like its time to take a new breath and continue with Awaken. I used the free week to watch how the demo is doing both on kongregate and newgrounds. Rating were not very good, in fact not even average with about 2.5 half stars on kong and 3 stars on newgrounds but got quite a lot of excited revies, lot of opinions on how to make the game better and i think big portion of low ratings came from disapointment of the lenght of the demo, missing ship upgrades and to general work in progress feel like no mouse controls for now, inability to turn music and sound off etc. I ve been quite disapointed how the demo is doing, but after couple of days i realized i could not expect more couse of the state in which game is right now and while beign encouraged by more and more 4+ ratings i decided to resume working on this as i belive the game will be great when finished. 
Just to sum above, the second demo release can be found on Kongreate and(if you like achivements and want to get couple of them) on Newgrounds. Dont forget both sites require login(you can sign up via facebook on kong)if you want to compete in high scores table.
And what am i working on right now? As most of the "code-core" of the game is almost finished and have just to add more bullet patterns and enemy behaviors i decided now its a time to work on the graphics both level backgrounds and alien/post human ships. As you probable allready noticed there is huge animated gif below showing work in progress on second level named "The Descent" where you take your ship down through abandoned mining shaft as it seems the source of alien infestation. 
Pipe lines, elevator rails and leaked pollution are the most noticable visuals of this level. I wanted this level to have kind of "head down descent" feel and make it scrolling much faster but i realized its stressfull enought for the eyes allready and have to be careful with it as i dont want players to get sick when playing.
Not much happened this week as i did not touched computer till yesterday, but i promise i ll keep the news comming and hopefuly finish the game by summer.

See you next week!   

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