Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Dev diary. - Moar bullets!

Hi again friends! Im back again with sunday update and most important update of today is that i ll make it to release the demo during next weeknd. Still dont know when exactly, would love to throw it to the wolves by friday evening, but still there are few issuess that needs to be solved and polished before releasing to public.
During the week i ve been working on various fixes and additions, to be honest i dont even remember them as too many changes happened, but whats important the game plays a lot better right now. Most important was: adding noticable small explosion to indicate the enemy was hit by player(this little change added great feel to the game), improved torpedo explosion, combos now recharge shield and finaly made boss of first level.

Yesterday i tought the game is almost ready and started working on the main menu as i did not wanted to find out on friday evening i ve got demo level ready but have just blank screen as menu with "start" button. Did not messed around with it too much, background is scrolling in parallax and enlarged Orca with gun drone are changing perspective depending on mouse cursor location. There are just few buttons on the left bar for now, but that ll hopefuly change during summer as i plan campaign, arcade mode, challenges etc.

However while i was quite happy about the menu today i started intensive playtesting and found out im not fine with the gameplay game provides right now. I was getting desperate, thinking the game ll sux hard and all the work was for nothing(well that can still happen). After couple of hours playing Jamestown and Danmaku i finaly found out whats missing in awaken. Bullet patterns!! I completely forgot about them, had just few types of bullets, all looking the same, just different by color. Couple of hours later, i feel much better as gameplay is getting more interesting and not becoming that boring after two minutes. Still got couple hours of work ahead of me working on more variety of patterns, but i think the game is walking in right direction and hopefuly players ll think the same.

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