Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Dev diary. - New Enemies

Hello again by the sunday dev. diary! Today we ll talk about new set of enemies and related stuff. I know im teasing the story a bit with "Posthumans" in title of this article, but that all im goin to say about the story for now.

As you can see from the big picture there are 4 new enemy ships added to the game. They will appear for first time during second mission called "The Descent". I ve been inspired by a lot of sci fi stuff while drawing these and i tried as hard as i could to have some unifiing element present on all of them. In this case there are antenas in tho front of all of them and simillar colors. These can be divided in two types, the smaller ones withou orange decks on tops are the interceptors, the smaller and symetric one is classic one-shoot "popcorn" enemy. They are attacking in huge numbers in fast zooming attacks and enemies like these are present in most shmup games to give the player "im a badass" feeling and their main purpose is to fill the screen with smoke and fire of their own explosion.

Second type of interceptor is slightly bigger, asymetric shape and have visible power source. These are a bit tougher than first ones, can maneuver a bit while shooting aimed bullets at player. Enemies like this are usualy bit harder to crack when appear for the first time, but are the ones where player can feel ship upgrades most as in later stages they ll quickly fall in to "popcorn" enemy category as they ll become just a bit more dangerous one shootable insect.

Now to the big guys;-) The smaller one is kind of support ship for the interceptors and as they look much bulkier they are obviously much more durable and have much bigger firepower. Usualy comes with the pack of interceptors and serve mainly as a distraction but can become dangerous when left unnoticed.

The bigest ship on the screen is kind of mini boss enemy. As it should be obvious to every player on sight, it has double the durability and firepower than its smaller brother and its the first enemey thats going to use beam attack against the player.

I was working on more than those few sprites this week, but most of the work contained watching other shmup games and learning the patterns in whitch enemies are comming to the screen. While observing and taking the notes i implemented some of the ideas in to the awaken as well and found out i ve been underestimating this part of gameplay a lot as even few improvements on the enemy behavioral patterns enriched the game by a lot.

Another important change in the game was switching stencly physics mode to simplier mode. I had to completely rework colision boxes on everything, but the performance improvement was significant as the engine dont have to calculate all the stuff thats not used by the game anyway.
And thats all what was done this week, plans for next one is to draw a boss of second level, progam its behavior and make whole level work. It ll be tight, but i hope i can make it;-)

Thanks for reading!


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