Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Dev diary. - Teaser and more

Hello! Its sunday again and here i am with Awaken developement progress update. Lets start with boring technical stuff so we can move ahead as soon as possible. The bullet spawning and pattern creating system was completely reworked and simplified so creating new bullet pattern is matter of minutes. That means game ll contain more types of enemy bullets and more patterns they ll create as their creation is not time consuming at all and i can spend more time on designing instead of parsuading stuff to work as intended and thats great. The rework was really worth the time spent on it improved game performance a lot and now i can have twice more bullets on scene than before and without loss of FPS.
All the other additions comes from this change as i reworked everythink bullet-related. Now i can serve you animated bullets as game performs much better even in flash export. Bullet patterns are more crazy than before and all that combined with the enemy behavior changes i wrote about last week creates whole new gaming experience.
It was quite quick today so lets lengthen your visit by a new gameplay teaser as its certainly more entertaining way of spending your free time, than reading wall of text.
Thanks for visit and see you next time!

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