Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Dev. diary - dev. update video

Hello everyone! A lot of happened since my last update and summary of everything can be seen in latest trailer.

The most important addition to the game is the music. I spent dozens of hours looking for well fitting soundtrack at affordable price. I found a lot of, sometimes even free musical pieces but none of them suited the gameplay well. I was desperate, but determined and when i came to conclusion i ll have to score the game myself.

Then, I found what i was looking for. One man project called Develop Device whitch fitted the game really good. I contacted the artist and to my surprise, in less than twenty minutes i got reply stating that hes interested in providing music for my game. Another surprise was the guy lives in the same city as i am and when it turned out he lives next street, we met in person and sealed the deal.

There are another additions to the game since last teaser as well. I ve been focusing on drawing more enemy ships as i want to introduce new types on each mission and made backgrounds for two new levels. 

Right now im starting works on details and additional features, for example enhanced torpedo animation as i want to give player feeling he fired powerful weapon when he fires one or another nice example can be carrier gunship. Its enemy ship whitch launches smaller craft whitch targets players ship slowly, but then ignites engines in attempt of suicide attack.

I belive all these little things matter as a pieces of puzzle and its my challenge to fit them together to create enjoyable experience like i remember from old arcade machines in front of my former elementary school.

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Thanks for reading & watching and see you by the next update!

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