Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Dev. diary - New levels and enemies

Hello and welcome to another dev. diary entry! After couple of weeks when i was just running in circles and not getting any ideas, I was fortunate enought this week to move with the game progression forward by drawing bacgrounds for two new levels and a new enemy ship whitch parts i used to create smaller variation of it, as im trying to make a maximum possible use of every piece i draw for the game . Im trying not to overdo this recycling and i think having two variants of each enemy ship can not hurt if there ll be plenty of other complete different kinds. 
On the picture included you can see the bit of new level and enlarged alien frigate. Lets talk a bit about new level for a while. It ll be game third mission and i wanted to change a theme a bit. I decided to use hexagons as they look exotic enought as in this level player ll be at the gates of alien city. I wanted to use somethink completely different couse in first mission, we have abandoned mining station, in second mission we are descending through huge mining schaft as it seems to be the source of alien infestation, and finaly in the third mission we ll see what miners have run in to. I had to change theme totaly as at this stage we ll enter part of whitch neptune colonists did not know about and everyone tought the rocks on the bottom of neptune sea are the real bottom. I ll not talk about the details for now as i want to leave them for level intro ingame so i hope screen ll be enought until next ingame video.

New enemy ship have simple design, not supposed to do anythink special on screen, just to add variation among ranks of enemies. Originaly i tought every level ll have complete different set of enemies, but i have to admint im giving up this idea as it would cost a huge ammount of time and not making any significant difference. Becouse lets be honest, who have time to observe details of enemy ships while playing any bullet hell game? Instead of unique set of enemies for each level i decided there ll be like 4 new enemies introduced during each mission + unique boss. That combined with different backgrounds ll hopefuly be enought to avoid repetetivenes and provide enought challenge for players learning few new bullet patterns in each mission.
Thats probably all i wanted to say today, so i would like to thank you for reading this and see you by next entry!     

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