Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunday Dev. diary(again on monday) - Soundtrack

Sometimes you are looking for somethink all over the world, checking most unprobable places and after hours of seeking for perfection you realize you had a hiden gem right under your eyes whole time.
But lets start over and explain everythink. As you know i ve got trouble finding well fitting soundtrack for Awaken and spetn dozen of hours by listening to royalty free tracks aviable online, then after realizing i ll probably dont find what im looking for i repurchased some of my guitar recording equipment and decided i ll have to compose and record the songs for a game by myself.
I knew i wanted to left music as a last thing on "to do" list, but i needed at least somethink i could use in game teasers so i spent last week practicing my guitar play and trying to compose well suiting score. My desperation grew even bigger as i did not played guitar for five years(and belive me, right hand really hurted trying to perform modern metal riffs after that long break)and ideas were not great either.
Dont get me wrong, after such a break my brain was fresh and notes came from it nice and smoothly, but its hard to pretend metal/djent feeling while its not in your hearth. And when i woke up in sunday to give this whole thing another try i realized pretending is not a way to go, however i knew i can not use my musical ideas for game as they do not fit.
I started browsing bands and found a hiden gem, and to my surprise the person i found lives in same city as i am. Then it was quite quick, i found his facebook page, sent him message asking if hes interested providing track for a video game and in less than twenty minutes i ve got positive reply. After chatting over facebook we found out we are neightbours and signing a contract about providing tracks is now just a formality.

Right now you can listen to example of "Develop Device" to get a idea what kind of score the game ll have. Belive me, i checked and it fits the action perfectly and even enhances the game experience. Listen for yourself and if interested you can check artist web page as well at:

A lot of other work happened as well and as we are going to solve all formalities during this week. Expect storm of news next sunday. Thanks for reading!

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