Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday Dev. diary - preparing alpha

Good mornin or whatever, depending on your time zone! Couple of weeks passed and im back with another update. Again it looks like not much happened, but my effort is escalating to the point where i need to take a break for couple of hours and sum everything in this little article. 
So what happened in past two weeks? A lot! Game now plays great and im really happy all pieces of puzzle i ve been creating in past six months fit together really well. First level of the game seems like finished, or at least ready for alpha test and ll be adjusted acording to testers feedback. 

But what i can judge based upon inhouse testing at my home the game plays bit different than the games that inspired me to start working on this piece. Player have to be aggressive as hiding in the corners does not work here. As long as you keep your ship in front of enemies, dodging bullets and keep anihilating enemies fast enought, just before they ll show you all their tricks, then you are fine. But beware of slowing down, the enemies ll quickly swarm whole screen and tear your ship in to pieces. 
This should work in all shmup games, however i have different feeling when playing Awaken. You have multiple options on how to handle certain enemy waves and choice of primary target is really important. 

Any other news? Hell yes! The game now runs in widescreen resolution, so we can say good bye to awful black bars to the side of the screen and i have disabled anti aliasing as i felt its a shame to hide all the pixelwork, especialy when i spent so much time on it. 
Yes, everything looked more smooth with AA applied on it, but lets be honest, all the moders smoothing and glowing effects ll not make my game look like AAA title, but instead of that it makes the game look like kind of wanna be something. Thats why i said no, and instead of trying to have my game look modern, i ll show off everything in its proud pixelated beatuy as in my opinion it looks more honest, and more like it self. 

Another addition is "announcement hud part", its that message box that ussualy announce somethink is going to happen, displays messages etc. I was underestaminating it, but it really added a bit of atmosphere.

And what im i working on right now? Adding sounds(got some issues with it, but should be ok), reworking scoring system and adding boring features like volume control, pause, toggle fullscreen mode and all kind of boring stuff that needs to be done. 

I hope i ll see you soon again as alpha test is really near now and im looking forward to hear your opinions abut it. 

Thanks for visit & with regards


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Dev. diary - gameplay tweaking

Hello everyone! Im glad im writing update again after one week break from dev. blog. What happened to me? Nothing serious, just missed last update couse i got poisoned by food on sunday and when i got better few days later i realized i ll just wait till next sunday as while game progressed significantly i did not had much to show you. 

Right now im working on graphics reworks(again)as my ability to combine pixels in to somethink pleasant to my eyes improves every week. Thats great on one side, but on the other one im creating pices whitch do not fit together with old ones visualy. 
Thats why i started 3rd graphic overhaul as i found out there are no shortus whitch lead to success, only hard work and endles polishing of this little game as while i dont have any ambitions with it(sure i dream about werid, unprobable scenarios time to time)i still want to make a good game if not better than that. And certainly i do not want to rush anythink just to release a playable demo as doing this mistake once(flash demo)was enought. 

All right and what happened during last week? I started tweaking the gameplay to found out how to make game fun to play. After a lot o thinking and lot of mistakes i finaly have "somethink" whitch plays really promising and finaly, this is first version where i think the game plays really well. Still lot of work ahead of me as i had to proceed careful, pay attention to all the details as i found out designing entertaining level in shmup game is not just about placing wawes of enemies at random, expecting the fun ll come out of nowhere(i really tought it ll work somehow like that in the begining of this project).  
While at it, im adding little details, like drones rotating around players ship(greetings to math discusion club on, reworking all behavior patterns for enemies as i belive every detail counts and while i thought i can live without some features when i was starting with Awaken developement, and belived they are not essential for overall impresion from the game, now i know this is not a way i would like to go and must implement every feature that the game would benefit from, even if it would improve enjoyment level by 1%.

Thanks for visiting again! Dont forget to follow me on facebook or twitter as im much more active there than on this blog and see you by next update, hopefuly with new video trailer! For now short unedited gameplay video ll have to be enought;-)