Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday dev. diary - New UI

Im back! And im back with another update! Game is through 4th major change and this time it was changing the screen orientation and reworking user interface as those two issues are tied together.

Screen orientation

I have decided to change the screen orientation tuesday morning last week, as whole night i heard voice in my head telling me to do so;-)I know its funny, but I heard the voice becouse it was the question i ve kept asking my self since begining of developement, "horziontal or verical?". I chose horizontal at first as my favourite shmups have horizontal screen orientation(tyrian, raptor, jamestown), and i did not wanted to think about how to make vertical screen properly. The choice was fast and i did not really thought it through. While I still think its possible to make veritcal shmup with horizontal screen orientation i learned its much harder when it comes to design enemies, waves of enemies and bullet patterns as lack of vertical space is really limiting not really giving player enought time to react to the threats on screen.
Thats why i decided to change orientation to vertical and been really surprised how it affected the gameplay(more about it next week).

New weapons

Yes! All the basic weapons(unlockable by playing storyline campaign) are now implemented and working. We have laser cannons, beam laser, plasma accelerators, wing mounted laser/plasma pods and additional drones. Laser weapons ll be loved by players who like having strong forward punch as they are offering damage output concentrated in front of the players ship. Plasma weapons are quite oposite as their damage is kind of spread in the conical shape. Or if you are undecided you can combine pieces to fit your needs.

These weapons are "BASIC", what does it mean? They are unlocked by completing missions during storyline campaign. And upon completing campaign you ll have all of these aviable. It does not look like there is wide variety of weapons especialy when considering you ll want to stick to tier 2 variants after 3 missions, but storyline campaign is kind of "gear up" part of the game. Upon completing you ll unlock set of single missions designed for fully geared ship and you ll be able to unlock another specialized pieces of weaponary by playing them and collecting achivement points.

This and a short coub video demonstrating new UI(still work in progress)is all i wanted to show you today, but expect more during next week or two as im planning to finish ingame fitting screen where players ll configure their ship. New shield mechanics ll be introduced and hopefuly complete second mision of the game.

Thanks for reading and see you next monday!

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