Thursday, August 7, 2014

Public alpha NOW aviable!

Hello everyone!

As i promised the alpha version is finaly here and aviable to you! The  game evolved a lot since begining and its very early flash demo and i hope those few dedicated fans of this project ll appreciate the effort i put in to the game. 

Now, 6 months after the project started the game is in the stage when it needs you, players, to check for all the flaws, let me know what you like about the game and especial what you hate about it.

The core of the game is finished, and i allready know many things ll have to change allready, but this week i said stop, lets release the thing as it is, as i would be delaying the release all the way until full version if i ll have to implement all my ideas in to it first.
Anyway, hope you ll enjoy game first mission, and ll get all 3 achivements! You ll command Orca submarine with basic loadout. Armed with old fashioned laser cannon, cyclone torpedoes and 2 gun drones in its dronebay. It does not sound like much but as Kraken squad commander you are never alone and your backup consist of warthog torpedo gunship and wraith support vessel.


Call the Warthog in(Q key)whenewer you feel cornered as having a buddy rapid launching torpedoes towards the squid ranks never hurts. However the Wraith(E key), even its fire power is quite limited can be even more important as its equiped with remoted shield transfer array and can rapid recharge your shield to the level when it can absorb another hit. Or you can even call in both at the same time to create diamond formation and clean the screen of enemies. 

Hope you ll enjoy the alpha and please, let me know your opinions as they are all that matters right now if i want to create a great game!

Game can be downloaded here:
Or from indieDB here:

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