Friday, December 26, 2014

Pre-release and early access arrived!

Hello my friends! After 10 months of hard work i can finaly present fully working version of the game. Its still not completely finished, but demo contains enought content to give you idea what is this game about, how its played and most importantly it should answer the question: "is it fun?"

Along with the demo there is beta version aviable as well. If you like the demo you can support the project by purchasing the beta version of the game whitch contains everything except Onslaught game mode and one ship module. To make everything clear, all beta purchasers will receive link for full game when released.

There is still a lot of features im planning to implement in to the game in following month, to name a few:
  • Onslaught mode
  • Rework options and preferences
  • Possibility to control hangar menu with x360 controller and keyboard.(right now you have to use mouse)
  • full screen filters as unlockable rewards
  • difficulty balancing

Right now you can download demo here from indieDB or from itch. The beta is aviable only from itch at the moment.

Hope you ll like the new trailer, dowload the demo and let me know your opinions about the game, what you like about it and especialy what disappointed you. And in the case you enjoyed the demo you can support me by purchasing the beta version of full game and help me with my future projects this way.

Se you soon by the update!

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